JVC Kenwood AA Alkaline Refillable Battery Pack (KBP-6) AA Alkaline Refillable Battery Pack (6 AA; 9V) cells not included.. Product #: kbp-6 based on 0 reviews Special Order

AA Alkaline Refillable Battery Pack

Brand: JVC Kenwood
Product Code: kbp-6
Availability: Special Order

Kenwood is introducing a new KBP-6 - AA Alkaline refillable battery pack for NEXEDGE® NX-210/410/411 & NX-210G portables. This refillable battery pack offers long-term cell storage capability and provides a reliable emergency power source for critical applications when charging is not an option.


- Holds 6 AA alkaline cells
- NX-210/410/411 & NX-210G compatible
- More than 8 hours @ 1W 5-5-90
- International Orange - a high visibilty safety color & distinguishes from rechargeable packs
- Easy Open tab latch for fast refills
- Weight: 5.29 oz (with 6 AA alkalines cells installed)


- Emergency power cache when charging is not possible due to power outages for: Police, Fire, EMS, USAR/SAR, Emergency Management/Preparedness, Wildlife Management/Conservation School Districts, Utilities, Transportation, Health Care, Manufacturing
- Long-term Storage: AA Alkaline cells have several years of shelf life while rechargeable packs can dissipate in a few weeks.


- AA packs do not have the MILSTD-810 & IP ratings of the radios.
- AA packs are for 1 watt transmit power as alkaline cell voltage will drop on transmit and portable power out decreases.

Compatible With
Radio Models
NX-210, NX-410, and NX-411

Voltage (DC) 9v
Capacity (mAh) ----
Chemistry Alkaline
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