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EVX-Link Coverage Area Connection System

Brand: Motorola (Vertex Standard)
Product Code: EVX-LINK
Availability: Pre-Order

EVX-Link DMR Compatible Features
  • Group Call
  • All Call
  • Private Call
  • PTT ID
  • Call Alert
  • Remote Monitor
  • Text Messaging
  • Emergency calls
  • Up to 30 Linked Coverage Areas
  • Site Search
An EVX-5300 or EVX-5400 mobile radio is required for use with each EVX-Link Unit.  EVX-5400 display and microphone for any model are both inactive when used in the EVX-Link configuration.

 What is EVX-Link?

Expanding your reach has never been easier than now with EVX-Link. This small and lightweight system offers the latest evolution in digital technology, providing a solution with greater speed, agility and affordability. EVX-Link allows digital DMR radios to connect faster and with multiple coverage areas easily and seamlessly regardless of geography. EVX-Link is also portable and expandable and can be installed virtually in any situation possible. Users also don’t need to replace any infrastructure or employ a repeater. EVX-Link is also more cost-effective than traditional systems using IP connections and works with any DMR digital platform.

 Who should use EVX-Link?

EVX-Link is perfect for customers needing to communicate in just about every situation possible.

EVX-Link provides a seamless and reliable connection via the use of an existing Local Area Network (LAN) or internet. It works with or without a repeater infrastructure which offers great flexibility. EVX-Link is very effective since it can also be used with existing systems or can replace legacy high power repeater equipment. Up to 30 coverage areas can be networked by adding an EVX-Link system (link and mobile) to each location. EVX-Link offers the ability to have users roam between coverage areas while radios automatically change to the new EVX-Link location. All EVX Subscriber products can be used with EVX-Link just by reprogramming the radios, which is another reason why EVX-Link is a better way to connect.

 Why is EVX-Link Better?

EVX-Link is the next evolution in expanding your reach. A significant difference between EVX-Link and other similar products in the market is that no repeater is required. The unique features of the EVX-Link system work with either on-site or repeater-based systems - or a mix of both. Best of all, it’s easy to install with no disruption to current systems and is very cost effective.


 The benefits of EVX-Link are:

  • Build on your existing network – Your existing network can be used since there is no need to replace existing equipment

  • No repeater required – Works with either on-site or repeater-based systems - or a mix of both

  • Versatile Coverage – Place EVX-Link anywhere in each desired coverage area

  • Compatible with – all RF Bands and any DMR digital platform

  • Simple set up and configuration – all you need is electric power and a Ethernet connection at each EVX-Link location

  • Expandable Coverage – Up to 30 sites

  • Affordability - A cost-effective solution over traditional systems using IP connections which works with any DMR digital platform

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