About Us

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Seasoned Specialists in Two-Way Radio Communication Devices

Our professionals at Lab-Tronics Inc. strive to provide reliable radio sales and repair services that meet the needs of every client. We apply an attentive, customer-focused approach to completing every transaction. Ensuring best-value products and services at all times.

Quality-Focused Leadership

David Rowsey is the third-generation owner of our esteemed radio sales and repair company. His grandfather, Harley, founded Lab-Tronics in 1970. The company was then passed to David's father, Herb who ran the company until 2020. He leads with the same drive and passion as the men before him.

This family takes pride in serving their country as well as their community. Harley's service in the Air Force, Herb's service in the Army and David's service as a Marine have instilled the values of honesty, integrity, and commitment to excellent service. They take pride in their life's work as Veterans that once served their country and now as a small business owner serving their Tri-State Area. 

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