ATLAS® 1200 P25 Station

ATLAS 1200 P25 Station

Atlas 1200 - VHF |  UHF  |  800 MHZ

The ATLAS 1200 P25 Station offers market-leading analog and P25 mixed-mode capabilities in a robust, reliable, and compact form factor. The ATLAS 1200 is designed and built to exceed industry standards and specifications, and is available in VHF, UHF, and 800 MHz.



  • Leverages a common hardware platform to support multiple operating modes includingAnalog Conventional, P25 Conventional and optional Console interface.
  • Compact 2RU form factor maximizes rack space usage.
  • Flash based software design allows future upgrades for new features.


  • Repeats Mixed Mode, P25 Digital & analog transmissions, Automatically switch to P25 mode on reception of P25 carrier
  • Passes P25 NAC unchanged
  • Passes P25 private call and group call in clear or AES-256 encrypted
  • Front panel indicators show P25 status
  • Benefits of Digital Audio Performance
  • Tone Remote Control with E&M, 2 / 4 wire audio interface
  • Programmable External PTT mode (P25 or Analog)
  • AMBE™ 2+ Enhanced Vocoder
  • P25 Digital audio to speaker & line
  • P25 Digital audio from microphone socket & line


  • Ethernet interface with digital audio or digitized analog audio
  • DFSI P25 Stream AMBE™ and DFSI Analog Stream G711
  • Passes through P25 encrypted to Ethernet
  • Conforms to Standards to TIA102-BAHA