JVC Kenwood Heavy duty behind-the-head headset (KHS-15-BH) Hvy-duty noise reduction behind-the-head headset w/noise cancelling boom mic & PTT.. Product #: KHS-15-BH based on 0 reviews Special Order

Heavy duty behind-the-head headset

Brand: JVC Kenwood
Product Code: KHS-15-BH
Availability: Special Order

Heavy-duty noise reduction behind-the-head headset with noise cancelling boom mic and in-line PTT.

  • Certified noise reduction of 24dB
  • Flexible, noise-canceling, boom microphone with replaceable windscreen
  • Comfortable, cloth-covered ear seals
  • Fully rotating boom mic for left or right side positioning
Compatible With
Radio Models
NX-200 and NX-300
NX-200G and NX-300G
NX-210, NX-410, and NX-411
NX-5200, NX-5300, and NX-5400
TK-5210, TK-5310, and TK-5410
TK-5210G and TK-5310G
TK-5220 and TK-5320
TK-5230, TK-5330, and TK-5430

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