JVC Kenwood NX-5x00 and TK-5x30 Configuration Kit (5FMM-MR) Dual Deck Single Head Remote Mount Kit for NX-5x00 and TK-5x30 series (Full Featured Panel).. Product #: 5FMM-MR based on 0 reviews Special Order

NX-5x00 and TK-5x30 Configuration Kit (5FMM-MR)

Brand: JVC Kenwood
Product Code: 5FMM-MR
Availability: Special Order

Dual Deck, Single Head, Dual Speaker remote mount kit with the full featured control head.

Compatible With
Radio Models

Comes with

Qty Part Number Description
1 KCH-20RM Full Featured Control Panel
2 KRK-15BM Control Head Remote Kit for a RF Desk
1 KCT-71M2
Remote Control Cable (17 feet)
1 KCT-71M4 Remote Control Cable (1.6 feet)
2 KCT-23M3 DC Cable (35w- 50w Remote Mount; pos 23; neg 3.3ft. leads)
2 KMB-33M Standard Mounting Bracket
1 KMC-35 MIL-SPEC Standard electret mobile microphone (8-pin mod. plug)
2 KES-5 External Speaker, 40W max input
2 KAP-2 Horn Alert / P.A. Relay Option

NX 5700 config 5xMM MR

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