TK Mobile Accessories

TK Mobile Accessories


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13.8Vdc Power Supply (KPS-15)

DC Switching Power Supply (117/230 VAC; 23A max. continuous, 25A peak)

AES & DES Encryption (KWD-AE31K)

AES & DES Encryption Module (Multi Key)

AES FIPS140-2 & DES Encryption (KWD-AE30K)

AES FIPS140-2 & DES Encryption Module (Multi-Key) KWD-AE30K requires: a Motorola KVL3000 Plus/4000 key loader device

Basic Control Head (KCH-19M)

Standard Control Panel (NX-5x00, TK-5x30)

Compact external speaker (KES-3S)

External speaker (compact low profile; black case; 3.5 mm phono plug-in)

DC Line Filter (KLF-2)

Line Filter (suppresses alternator whine, 25dB, 25A max)

DC Power Cable (KCT-23M)

DC Cable (35-50W Dash mount; pos/neg. 10 ft. leads)

DC Power Cable (KCT-23M3)

DC Cable (35-50W Remote mount; pos.23 ft.; neg. 3.3. ft. leads)

DES Encryption Software Keyloader (KPG-DE1K)

DES Encryption Software Key Loader for KWD-AE31K

Desktop Microphone (KMC-9C)

Control Station Desktop Microphone (8-pin mod. plug)

DTMF keypad microphone (KMC-36)

Standard electret mobile microphone with 12 keypad (8-pin mod. plug)

External Microphone Kit (KCT-73MIC)

External Microphone kit w/ 9.8 ft. cord for Safer Driving

External PTT Kit (KCT-74PTT)

External PTT Switch kit w/ 9.8 ft cord for Safer Driving

Full Featured Remote Control Head (KCH-20M)

Full Featured Remote Control Head for NX-5700/5800

GPS Antenna (KRA-40GM)

GPS Active Antenna (3 Vdc) with SMA male connector

Ignition sense cable (KCT-46)

Ignition sense cable (plugs directly into mobile chassis ignition sense line)

Key Loader Interface Cable (KPG-115)

Key Loader Interface Cable for Motorola KVL-3000/3000 Plus/4000

Key lock adapter (KMB-10)

Key lock adapter for use with KMB-4/5/6

Rapid rate single unit charger (KSC-Y32K)

Rapid rate single unit charger (Long-Life Charge Mode capable with KAS-12 Software)

Standard Microphone (KMC-35)

Standard electret mobile microphone (8-pin mod. plug)

Standard Mounting Bracket (KMB-33M)

Standard Mounting Bracket for NX-5000 and TK-5x30 series radios.