Motorola (Vertex Standard) VX-1700 HF-SSB Radio (VX-1700-A0-125) 1.6-30 MHz VHF-L, 125watt, 200ch, HF Single Side Band Radio... Product #: VX-1700-A0-125 based on 0 reviews Special Order

VX-1700 HF-SSB 125 Watt Radio

Brand: Motorola (Vertex Standard)
Product Code: VX-1700-A0-125
Availability: Special Order

  • 200 Channels
  • 125 Watts / 100 Watts (A1A, J2B, J3E)
  • 31 Watts / 25 Watts AM Carrier (A3E)
  • RX: 30 kHz – 30.0000 MHz / TX: 1.600 – 30.0000 MHz
  • 4 Programmable Keys

Multi-Mode Capability

Designed to operate as mobile radio or as a base station for long-haul land mobile communications. With operating modes: LSB/USB (J3E and J2B); AM (A3E) and CW (A1A) the VX-1700 is ideal for a wide variety of applications.

Flexible Calling Options

Includes six built-in call modes to support various communications:

  • Selective Call (SELCALL) – place calls to an individual or group using assigned ID number for each transceiver for private calling
  • Beacon Request Call – check signal quality between transceivers before placing a selective call to verify if a call can be placed
  • Telephone Call (TELCALL) – place call through telephone interconnect service to expand contact to individuals via phone
  • Message Call – send text messages (up to 64 characters) to another transceiver for expanded communication options
  • Position Request Call – monitor position information of another transceiver when used as a mobile unit
  • Position Send Call – transmit position

Dual Watch Operation

Operate on one channel while periodically monitoring the designated memory channel to ensure a call is not missed. Ideal for emergency management situations when it is important that a call gets through to dispatch.

Automatic Link Establishment (ALE) Option

With the ALE-1 option installed, the VX-1700 ALE feature automatically selects the channel with the best LQA (Link Quality Analysis) score from the programmed channels.

Additional Features

  • 6-Character Alphanumeric Channel Label
  • Noise Blanker
  • CW Semi Break-In
  • CW Side Tone Function
  • VOX

General Specification
Frequency Range RX: 30 kHz – 30.0000 MHz; TX: 1.600 – 30.0000 MHz
Number of Channels and Groups 200
Power Supply Voltage DC 13.8 V ±15%
Channel Spacing (Analog)
PLL Steps 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz
Current Consumption RX (no signal) 1.0 A; RX 1.5 A; TX 22 A (125 W output); STBY 25 mA
Operating Temperature Range +14º F to +131º F (-10º C to +55º C)
Frequency Stability ± 1 ppm (+14º F to +131º F / -10º C to +55º C) TYP
RF Input-Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Dimension (H x W x D) 3.9 x 9.5 x 11.2 inches (99 x 241 x 285 mm)
Weight (Approx.) 9.5 lbs (4.3 kg)
IP Rating
Receiver Specification
Sensitivity 12dB SINAD 0.5 – 1.6 MHz: 1.41 μV (A1A/J2B/J3E); 8 μV (A3E) 1.6 – 30 MHz: 0.16 μV (A1A/J2B/J3E); 1 μV (A3E)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity
Spurious and Image Rejection Better than 80 dB
Audio Output 2.2 W into 8 Ohms @ 10% THD
RX Hum and Noise
Transmitter Specification
Output Power 125 Watts (A1A, J2B, J3E @ 1.6000 – 3.9999 MHz)* 100 Watts (A1A, J2B, J3E @ 4.0000 – 30.000 MHz) 31 Watts AM Carrier (A3E @ 1.6000 – 3.9999 MHz) 25 Watts AM Carrier (A3E @ 4.0000 – 30.000 MHz)
Modulation J3E: PSN type modulator A3E: Low-level (early stage)
Maximum Deviation
Audio Distortion
Conducted Spurious Emission 56 dB
TX Hum and Noise
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