JVC Kenwood TKR-740/840 Series Analog Repeater (TKR-740K2) 32 Channel, 5 Watt, 158-174 MHz VHF, Analog Repeater.. Product #: tkr-740k2 based on 0 reviews Special Order

TKR-740 VHF 5 watt Analog Repeater

Brand: JVC Kenwood
Product Code: tkr-740k2
Availability: Special Order

Kenwood's high-performance analog repeater can be programmed on up to 32 channels. Used most often as an exciter unit and mated to a high output power amplifier, this unit can also be used as a full-duplex base station. The TKR-740/840 includes flash memory capability, is PC tunable, and it's convenient test and auxiliary ports make this unit easy to maintain even at a remote mountaintop site. The high-spec and serviceable TKR-740/840 is the first choice for demanding industrial and public service applications.

0.1 to 5 Watt adjustable Exciter ready to add an Amp for Hi powered Applications
An ideal excirer for SMR / Trunking or Paging Applications


  • 32 Channel Simplex/Full-Duplex Base Mode & *Priority Scan
  • Repeat Mode & Internal Controller
  • Multi-Tone/Code Tables & DSP Processing
  • Versitile Low Profile Design
  • Auxiliary Macro Ports
  • Multi-Tone/Code Tables & DSP Processing
  • Continuous Duty/High Stability RF Power Output
  • Flash Memory Advantage
  • Wide/Narrow Channel Spacing
  • PC Programming And Tuning

General Specification
Frequency Range 158-174 MHz
Number of Channels and Groups 32 Channels and 1 Group
Power Supply Voltage 13.8 V DC ± 15%
Channel Spacing (Analog) 12.5 kHz
PLL Steps 2.5 / 5 / 6.25 kHz
Current Consumption
Operating Temperature Range -22˚ F to + 140˚ F (-30˚ C to +60˚ C)
Frequency Stability ± 1.5 ppm
RF Input-Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Dimension (H x W x D) 1.75 x 19 x 12 in (44 x 483 x 305 mm)
Weight (Approx.) 8.8 lbs. (4kg)
Display 2 Digit LED Display
IP Rating
Receiver Specification
Sensitivity 12dB SINAD 0.30 µV
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 87 dB (± 12.5 kHz)
Intermodulation 85 dB
Spurious and Image Rejection 85 dB
Audio Output 4 W (at 4 Ω, less than 5% distortion)
RX Hum and Noise 50 dB
Transmitter Specification
Output Power 5 W to 0.1 W
Modulation 11KØF3E
Maximum Deviation ±2.5 kHz Analog
Audio Distortion Less than 2% (at 0.3W)
Conducted Spurious Emission 70 dB
TX Hum and Noise 50 dB
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