Find accessories for Vertex Standard radios

Find accessories for Vertex Standard radios


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NiMH Battery (FNB-V29BIS)

7.4V, 2450 mAh, NiMH battery Intrinsically Safe Version

NiMH Battery (FNB-V57AIS)

7.2v 1250mAh Ni-MH battery (VX-210, 410, 800) - Intrinsically Safe -

Power Supply (FP-31)

VXR-9000 internal mounted power supply 50 watt models only

Rapid charger (CD-17)

CD-17 Rapid charger for the VX-1210 HF Manpack transciever. Requires PA-26 power supply.

Rear Accessory Cable (CT-149)

CT-149 Mobile Rear Accy Connectory Universal Cable

Remote Control Head Kit (RMK-4000H)

Remote Control Head Kit (Includes mounting bracket and hardware)

Submersible Speaker Microphone w/ 2 PFK (MH-66B7A)

MH-66B7A Submersible Speaker Microphone with 2 Programmbale Function Keys and Audio Attenuator Switch.

UHF Power Amplifier (VPA-9000UD)

100 W Internal power amplifier unit (UHF 450 - 480 MHz)

Vehicular Charger Mounting Adaptor (VCM-1)

Vx-160, 180, 210, 400, 800 Vehicular Charger Kit (VAC-400, VAC-800)

Vehicular Charger Mounting Adaptor (VCM-2)

Vehicular Charger Mounting Adapter kit for VAC-920 and VAC-300