VX Mobile Accessories

VX Mobile Accessories


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Folding whip HF antenna (FHA-27)

10ft. Folding whip HF antenna. Requires GN-1210 adaptor.

Goose neck antenna adaptor (GN-1210)

Goose neck antenna adaptor for the FHA-27.

HF SSB Multi-band mobile whip antenna (YA-007FG)

HF SSB Multi-band mobile whip antenna (7 MHz - 30 MHz requires FC-40)

Ignition Sense Cable (CT-96PS)

CT-96PS Ignition Sense Cable for the VX-4000, VX-5500 & VX-6000 mobiles

Interface for option boards (FIF-7A)

Interface for option boards for VX-4000/5500/6000

Interface for third-party accessory boards (CN-6)

Interface for third-party accessory boards for VX-4000/5500/6000

Internal Antenna Tuner (ATU-1210)

Internal antenna tuner for the VX-1210 manpack

Mobile Mounting Bracket (MMB-93)

Low Profile Mounting Bracket (VXD-7200)

Mobile Mounting Bracket (MMB-94)

High Profile Mounting Bracket (VXD-7200)

Motorcycle Control Head (CNT-5000)

Compact motorcycle control head for the VX-4000, VX-5500 and VX-6000 mobiles.

Mounting Bracket (MMB-78)

Base plate for CNT-5000 and MLS-200. Mounts to a motorcycle

Rapid charger (CD-17)

CD-17 Rapid charger for the VX-1210 HF Manpack transciever. Requires PA-26 power supply.

Rear Accessory Cable (CT-149)

CT-149 Mobile Rear Accy Connectory Universal Cable

Remote Control Head Kit (RMK-4000H)

Remote Control Head Kit (Includes mounting bracket and hardware)