VXD-720 Accessories

VXD-720 Accessories

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3-Wire Surveillance Kit (VH-121)

3 Wire Mini Lapel Mic Surveillance Kit


403-470MHZ, Rubber Whip Antenna


450-527 MHZ, Rubber Whip Antenna


136-174MHZ, Rubber WideBand Whip Antenna

Belt Clip (CLIP-21)

Belt Clip for VXD-720 and XPR6550

Desktop Charger (VAC-40B)

120Vac Desktop Charger for FNB-V116 / FNB-V117

Heavy Duty Headset (VH-111)

Heavy Duty, Dual Muff, Over the head style, with Boom Mic

Speaker Microphone w/toggle (MH-50D7A)

Speaker Microphone Noise Cancelling (VX-820, 920, VXD-720)

Submersible Speaker Microphone w/ 2 PFK (MH-66B7A)

MH-66B7A Submersible Speaker Microphone with 2 Programmbale Function Keys and Audio Attenuator Switch.